Ivanos_oldIvano Lippi’s quest for a better life began in 1938. His journey to the United States from Luca, Italy was driven by his dream and ambitions. Gifted with an independent spirit, courage and confidence, he prepared to meet the challenges that awaited him as an immigrant in this foreign land.

He chose to live his life as a restauranteur, using hard work and imagination to provide a living for his family and himself . However, his journey ended before his dream was complete.

Ivano’s would like to welcome you to our house. We promise to do our best to offer you a quality dining experience. That which is served here, is prepared here. We take great pride in the quality and presentation of our food, from antipasti to dolce. Our wait staff is equally motivated to inspire your stay with us as an enjoyable experience.

Original location, 2nd & Lake


The Ivano’s legacy, on the corner of First and Pine, will continue to live on as the family welcomes longtime employees Dustin Reichold and Nolan Smith as significant shareholders.


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